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Darling New

Duravit Darling New


The series Darling New is a complete bath series to which only the right shower must be added. Harmonious circular shapes, delicate lines and invisible borders between the washbasin and the vanity unit through the c-bonded technology are some of the keywords of the series. It was developed by sieger design which also creates products for WMF and Ritzenhoff. >>Read more


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Complete bathroom consisting of:
Wall-hung washbasins, countertop basins and washbasins for furniture
Wall-mounted toilets and close coupled WCs
Wall-mounted and standing bidets

Unique c-bonded technology: the vanity units of the L-Cube series and the washbasin almost seamlessly merge 

Bathtubs available with LED lighting and whirlpool functions 

Bathtubs covers to transform in a second your bathtub in a comfortable bench - simply brilliant


The bathroom series Darling New includes washbasins for all types of installation: countertop basins (diameter 470 mm), furniture basins (530 to 1030 mm x 430 to 545 mm) and hung washbasins (550 to 650 mm x 480 to 550 mm). The wall-mounted washbasin can be combined with a siphon cover for more elegance.

Duravit Darling New Washbasin at xTWOstore Duravit Darling New Washbasin with Vanity Unit c-bonded at xTWOstore

The c-bonded technology allows the ceramic of the washbasins to fit accurately with the furniture of the series L-Cube. Thanks to the material DuraCeram, thin edges and precise transitions are created, resulting in a seamless transition and above all, water-resistant connection. All the washbasins of the series are equipped with a tap hole and an overflow. They are also all available with WonderGliss coating for easy maintenance and improved hygiene.


The toilets of the Darling New series are available as close coupled and wall-mounted versions. All models are available with the rimless technology and bring perfect results without splashes and leftover residues. Besides, the flush consumes only 4,5 litres of water. The WCs are also available in a compact model with a size of 360 x 485 mm. The stand WC is available in combination with an exposed flushing cistern  and the wall-mounted model needs a mounting frame which both must be purchased seperately.  So all the piping is hidden behind the wall. The mounting frame is sold separately and can be equipped with two flush volumes, 3 and 6 litres. The toilet seats are equipped with concealed fixings for a perfect finish.

If you are concerned with toilet hygiene, choose a model with HygieneGlaze coating which effectively reduces the number of bacteria and germs by up to 99.999% in 24 hours. The shower toilet seat constitutes also an interesting option: Sensowash Slim and Stark shower toilet seats fit perfectly with this series.

Duravit Darling New Shower WC Sensowash at xTWOstore Duravit Darling New WC and Bidet at xTWOstore

In the Darling New series, you can also find standing or hanging bidets. They are equipped with a tap hole and an overflow. The free-standing model is available in two different lengths, i.e 570 mm and 630 mm with a width of 370 mm. The suspended model is compact with a size of 365 x 485 mm.


The bathtubs in the Darling New series have been designed in a combination of angular and rounded shapes, with a sloping seat for an optimised comfort-design result. The built-in baths are available with wooden cladding. For baths to be installed against a wall or in a corner, the cladding is made of acrylic. The tub contour is 115mm wide so that you can easily remove your bathing equipment. One of the advantages of this bathtub is the contour with LED lighting which gives a relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. Additional options include a cushion, a sound system and even a whirlpool bath system. The whirlpool can be activated in 3 modes: Air-System (air bubbles), Jet-System (water jet), Combi-System E, L or P (combinations of water and air jets).

Duravit Darling New Built-in Bath with Wooden Cladding at xTWOstore Duravit Darling New Freestanding Bathtub at xTWOstore

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