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Electronic Flush Plates

Electronic Flush Plates from GROHE

Stylish, Touchless, and Clean

No touch mechanism: Say no to spread of germs 

A wall-hung toilet flush plate is the part you push down on to initiate the flush. The flush mechanism releases water into the system when you press a button. Typically, these plates are made from PVC, but can also be made from stainless steel or brass. Flush plates that are electronically operated have been around for some time but now have become smaller and more aesthetically pleasing. >>Read more

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Electronic flush plates have the major advantage of not leaving fingerprints as you don’t actually touch the button, you just wave your hand across the half or full flush area. Because of this, the electronic flush plates are a great hygienic choice for your modern bathroom.

GROHE flush plates ensure automatic flushing at designated intervals to keep the bowl clean and also ensure that the bowl is flushed for those who might forget to do so. xTWOstore offers a wide range of electronic flush plates that go well with your toilet and cistern set.

Infrared Sensors for a Smart Cleaning

Ideal for all modern bathroom layouts

The only visible part of a concealed cistern is the flush plate. You may prefer that it blends discreetly into your bathroom or draws attention to the design. An infrared sensor that detects movement triggers its activation. The absence of contact improves hygiene. GROHE has an extensive range of electronic flush plates listed below:

  • Surf

The GROHE Surf flush plates are a unique touchless range of infra-red electronic flush plates that come with an adjustable flow volume. These are made from stainless steel and are ideal for WC and urinal chrome.

  • Tectron Skate

The GROHE electronic flush plates from the Tectron Skate range blends superb design with hygiene and efficiency. GROHE flush plates come equipped with an infrared sensor designed for a single flush actuation. It comes with StarLight technology and a start-stop function for an optimum cleaning experience.

  • Universal

The GROHE Universal flush plates are rectangular in shape and suitable for all concealed cisterns by GROHE. These flush plates are made of stainless steel and have an appealing appearance to match your bathroom ideas.

Save Water with Adjustable Water Flow

Easy to maintain, stays new for longer

Over the years, touch less flush technology has become increasingly popular in public and commercial washrooms, but never more so than now. Taking advancements in smart flushes for both toilets and urinals, GROHE electronic flush plates gives you special benefits:

  • Hygienic

The GROHE electronic flush plates are backed with no-touch technology that allows the toilet flush to be triggered by movement of a hand, or simply by the movement of the user walking away so that you need not touch it with your hand. It ensures an overall hygienic experience.

  • Adjustable water flow

Electronic control panels generally have a single flush volume which, depending on the model, may have an on/off button. In addition, pre-rinsing and rinsing can be carried out automatically at adjustable intervals to avoid stagnation of the water line.

  • Pre-rinse technology

Pre-rinse allows the WC to be rinsed before use and thus improves hygiene. On some models, the rinsing volume can be adjusted between 3 and 9 litres. GROHE offers its control plates in two series: Surf and Tectron Skate. They are suitable for toilets or urinals and are generally made of stainless steel.

Besides, the GROHE electronic flush plates come with some additional GROHE technologies. GROHE EcoJoy reduces the water consumption in your toilet; a valuable choice for the environment and your wallet. The GROHE Starlight coating ensures that the surface keeps its shine for a long time and makes cleaning easy.

Please note that not all models have these technologies. Read the product sheet of your favourite model to learn about its characteristics. GROHE electronic flush plates are only suitable for GROHE concealed WC or urinals cistern.

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