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Elements For Urinals

GROHE Fixing Frames for Wall-Hung Urinals

Functional with advanced accessibility

Easy to install, hides all the pipework

A wall hung urinal has its pipework hidden behind the wall and only the bowl and flushing lever are visible. With the bowl being hung on the wall, they are very easy to clean. To support these types of wall-hung urinals and match to your toilet designs, GROHE has come up with practical and easy to install GROHE elements for urinals. >>Read more.

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If you want to install a wall-hung urinal in your bathroom, but you fear the complications of installing it, or if you are confused as to where to install it, GROHE has the solution. GROHE Rapid SL sanitary system allows you to easily install it anywhere in your bathroom. On one hand, the system is an installation area for water and drainage pipes, and on the other hand, it is a mounting frame that supports and holds the sanitary ware in place. Thus, all the technical elements are hidden behind the wall, leaving only the elements which are necessary for operation visible. It gives a clean and orderly appearance to your bathroom.

Rapid SL is available in several models: for toilets, bidets, urinals, and basins. These can be installed alone or in series. Therefore, it is a universal concealed installation system for wall-hung sanitary ware. Rapid SL can be installed both, on bearing and stud walls, offering a great deal of flexibility in the design of your bathroom. The height of the support frame can be adjusted so that your urinal will be within reach. Corner installation can also be carried out without any problems.

Advantages of GROHE Elements for Urinals

Durable and Matches Your Toilet

The Rapid SL by GROHE has technological advances that have transformed the bathroom from a purely functional space into the most indulgent and comfortable space in the house. As with all other GROHE products, the GROHE elements for urinals ensure total security and comfort and fit into any kind of bathroom.

The greatest advantage of Rapid SL remains its speed and ease of installation as well as the great flexibility it offers for the layout of your bathroom. This is partly due to the shallow construction depth required for the fixing frame, but also to the quick height adjustment. All GROHE pre-wall mounting elements are equipped with GROHE Whisper technology. Some technical optimizations prevent noise from passing through the building's structure. The German reference technical certification (TÜV) has confirmed the soundproofing efficiency of Rapid SL.

Besides, when you pair a GROHE element for urinals with a compatible wall-hung urinal, you will get certain added benefits such as:

  • Easy cleaning

Since the wall-hung urinals remain above the floor, you can clean the floor with a mop or damp cloth without kneeling or bending.

  • Superior function

The GROHE elements for urinals are designed to pair with specially engineered GROHE urinals for long life.

  • Improved accessibility

The GROHE elements for urinals come with adjustable fixture height for a desirable fitting as per your preference and requirement. Moreover, it seals all the pipework behind the walls.

The GROHE Rapid SL installation system for urinals is swift and simple to fit. It is engineered keeping the comfort and safety with steel frame and is certified to hold up to 150 kg for perfect stability and the fitting takes no time. This is enabled by the GROHE QuickFix system that comes with all the conventional tools combined into one.

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